RIP Boris Smile (3 year anniversary)


Two of our favourite illustrators: Wolf Mask & Lew Currie have drawn up some pretty great badge designs for us. We’re going to make these suckers really soon so you can start pinning them on your bags and suchlike.These are gonna be sizeable badges to showcase these cracking illustrations, 38mm wide to be exact.Let me know what you think, how much would you pay for 2 chunky badges like this?


Check out the new animated music video for ‘The Shaking of Leaves’ via NPR Music here: http://n.pr/1xb0XIR
Over a year in the making, John Komar (the director) and I had been going back and forth perfecting this video for quite some time. The initial storyboard had gone through multiple changes and ideas until we landed on the final theme. The most difficult part was coming up with something for the bridge section of the song — conveying the lyrics (about a very serious and sensitive topic) while still giving the story an optimistic outcome. This song was written for my fallen friend Mitch Dubey. The video was designed and written with him in mind. I think he would have loved it..

So, this was a really cool thing that happened!! That’s right! We are proud to announce that empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate)'s “You Will Eventually Be Forgotten” was the #2 Best-Selling vinyl in the country last week, as well as #17 on the Billboard Heatseekers charts and #11 on Internet Albums. A HUGE shoutout to anyone and everyone who bought the new record, this would not have been possible without your support.XOXO CYLS Staff

Some well deserved success. Cheers Keith and Cathy. xo

Good news everyone! Since the sale went so well over the past two weeks, and because it’s Labor Day, we’ve decided to extend BIG MOVING SALE EXTRAVAGANZA one more day!! Be sure to get in on these fantastic deals which will only last for the next 12 hours!http://countyourluckystars.bigcartel.com/

GET THOSE CYLS RECORDS!!!! Don’t forget you can buy our “Roots” 7” and “My Love Powered by 10,000 Practice Amps” and “Rockets” EP by Boris Smile (Wesley’s old band). 




  • Conor Murphy - Foxing
  • Erik Czaja - Dowsing
  • Evan Weiss - Into it. Over it.
  • Ben Hendricks - Annabel
  • Keith Latinen - Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
  • Alissa Reynolds - Alissa Reynolds Photography

I hung out with some incredibly talented folks last night. 

(Photos by Derek McNelly. Please don’t remove credit.)

I like this a lot. erikczaja only has one facial expression. 

me and some friends

A wonderful array of label mates. xo


There is an AMAZING moving sale going on over at Count Your Lucky Stars Records! You can get 10-50% off releases from some of your favorite bands. And you can pre-order the second pressing of You Will Eventually Be Forgotten while you are there and the third pressing of When the Sea Became a Giant while you are there.


And don’t forget about the contest we have going on right now! More info here: www.empireempireband.com. Win some great prizes!


If you were browsing our webstore earlier today, you might have noticed some pretty steep discounts on certain items. That is because we are moving very soon and we decided to have a big sale to clear some stuff out so we don’t have quite as much to move. Sale ends on August 31st and midnight EST.
Here are the deals to look out for: - 50% off CDs - 50% posters - 50% off tapes - 20-30% vinyl - 10% off shirts
Click on the tabs on the far right under categories and you will find the items included. You don’t have to enter a code or anything, the prices are marked down already. Get some of this stuff out of here so we don’t have to pack it up! Almost everything in our store is on sale!
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Go get some Boris Smile and The Great Albatross stuff!!!!

Scottish Fiction - 19th August 2014

Big thanks to Scottish Fiction for featuring “Roots” on their podcast!!!!

Today is our television debut! Tune in to STV Glasgow’s Riverside Show (6:30pm) and watch us play a few tunes.